My first time ordering from K2 spice and I was very impressed. Fast shipping, discreet professional packaging along with great customer service. Lots of customer perks with rewards program.

Sharma Jance / Google

Fantastic items and customer service
What am I supposed to say? Out of all the websites like this, the best customer support. The personnel is usually kind and quick to respond, and any problems (so far limited to payment) have been resolved the same day. Excellent product that comes highly recommended!

Chris Young / Google

I bought K2 paper for WELL above the going rate, and
I received what I ordered, although it appears that I ordered a type that didn’t fit my needs. I had no idea that I could look up specific K2 spice sheets. But I must add, excellent customer service with prompt, well-informed delivery

Mark Chandra / Google

This is the best company I’ve ever ordered k2 Paper and spray. I got scammed so many times but since my friend recommended me with I have zero worries now all my orders get delivered 🚚 directly to my doorstep.

Leo Belton / Google is definitely legit. I’ve ordered numerous times. Packages have always arrived on time with a very decent product. I personally prefer the street made with illegal chems but these guys have pretty potent stuff and are totally legit.

Michael Anderson / Google

I have dealt with K2drugstore with numerous orders and the only time I’ve ever had a problem they immediately fixed it, which is 1 way to tell if a company is trustworthy. We all make errors, but it’s how we handle them that matters and they promptly made it right.

Vera Perron / Google

I’ve used them since 2022 and never had a problem that wasn’t fixed immediately. They even sent me an extra pack once because something messed up on their end. Every once in awhile they do overlook and don’t see the money I sent and I let them know and show my receipt where I paid with Zelle and within minutes I receive my tracking number.

Jeff Morgan / Google

It’s the best and the only place I’ll spend my money. If you trust Amazon with your money you can trust k2drugstore with it too. I am a for ever customer that’s for sure!!!! Only problem is Usps taking forever to deliver but typically I get my order within a week. It used to be only a couple of days but usps is on some major bs lately man!! Anyways shop from k2drugstore you won’t regret it!!

Dillon P / Google

I am very familiar with this site use them all the time have never had a problem that they did not address immediately… it’s the best and their products are awesome, Potent!!!

Rachel Forscutt / Facebook

I’ve dealt with this company for over a year now & have had only one problem. When I wrote to them on THIER site & addressed the mistake they made on my order. Within 2 hours they txtd my cell phone number apologizing & told me they were going to make the wrong right which they did.

Anthony Warren / Linkedin

Their support team is great, I agree, and their products too are so strong, and always arrive when it’s supposed to. I’m glad they finally got our product in.

Heather Lish / Bing

I am one of the most skeptical people ever when it comes to this type of product purchasing. I was scammed twice and finally found a LEGIT place to buy from! They not only have VERY good products, but they ship fast and keep in touch with you. THANK YOU! You have a customer for life with me!

Leslie Martin / Google

Great! Lot of scams these days. This one finally came through. Wasn’t too satisfied with the time it took to arrive. But it was worth the wait. Great quality!

Andy Rapold / Bing

Great communication. Always answered my texts and provided tracking information. I also needed help with sending it out to prison. Helped and answered all my question. Fast delivery! Great service!

I received my first package today from K2drugstore. And I can say that I am definitely not disappointed at all. They are very punctual and you can text them and talk to them about everything that they do and they will definitely text you back with very specific instructions on what he does.

Wade Roth / Google

K2drugstore is LEGIT!!! Stop searching for other vendors and getting scammed, they are the real deal and I am a REAL CUSTOMER! They def have top quality product and you wont be disappointed!!!

Jose Ayala / Linkedin

I definitely have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a legit guy before I found K2drugstore this is my third order from here so far and we haven’t been disappointed he sends you tracking numbers and is very legit with keeping things discreet

Krystle Wagoner / Google

Ever since I found this when i was browsing, I must say this is really a reliable source for k2 spice products. I placed my order and I received my package after 18hrs from my location. My favorite place for k2 products.

James Willman / Google